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  • Information

    General info
    As the title says, ConeCrazy is a Belgian Freestyle Slalom Club.
    Allow me to explain in detail what that means.

    Belgian: We are a club with members spread out all over Belgium. Or at least, that is our goal.
    Freestyle Slalom: a sport, or rather a form of expression, in which the skater does tricks within a row of cones, by using his agility, balance and strength to make stunning moves with inline-skates, preferrably without knocking over the cones.
    Club: a club, not an organisation by law.

    Who we are
    ConeCrazy is a concept, that conceived by a couple of like-minded slalom adepts, for the belgian slalom community.
    They had the same idea, and wanted to fulfill it together, and so "ConeCrazy" was born.

    What we do
    Our club is accessible to all Slalom enthousiasts.
    We organise events, clinics, and slalom sessions.
    We give clinics (workshops), lessons, initiations and demonstrations to everyone interested in learning slalom.
    Please contact us for more information.

    Also, have a look at our Facebook page, to see where we'll be doing slalom in the next couple of days, and by all means feel free to join us.