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  • Happy Easter

    Happy Easter to one and all!!

    Soon there will be news about BattleBelgium 2!

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to everyone, from the ConeCrazy crew.
    Hoping you have nice slaloms soon!

    BattleBelgium 2009: Photos

    Here are Stijn & Evy's immense photo's of the event.
    Without further ado:
    The photo's

    Start of a new season of Demerstrand Sessions

    Just a little message to let you know we're starting off a new season of Demerstrand Sessions.
    If you subscribed yourself to the Sessions forum, you've already noticed our first session starts this sunday.
    From 12h00 - 16h00 we're back in the sportshall "Demerstrand" in Diepenbeek. The extremely nice people of the sportsboard of Diepenbeek, Luc Spoor in particular, managed to get spots painted in the hall. This is so fracking awesome.

    This year we're also agreeing on a fixed day of the week, so we can have weekly sessions throughout the year.

    For those that haven't been to one of our session there already, let me quickly explain how it usually goes.
    We meet at the hour that was posted in the topic on the Sessions forum.
    Then we'll practice, and learn tricks to each other, and we'll teach some basics to newcomers. And when it's over, we sometimes (not always), go out for dinner with everybody in a nice restaurant.
    The surface over there is ideal for slalompractice, because it's quite soft (so you don't get hurt too much when you fall). But it's not too soft, so you don't really lose speed when you do wheelings for example.

    As posted in all Demerstrand Sessions topics:
    All slalom enthusiasts are welcome to join in.
    We usually just split the costs for the hall by asking 2 euro's of everyone that joined the session.

    Hope to see you there next sunday at 12h00 !

    World Slalom Championship Shanghai 2009

    Just a quick message that Pierre-Alix Colbrant of Team ConeCrazy, will be representing Belgium at the World Slalom Championship in Shanghai, China.
    Good luck over there Pierre-Alix, and make us proud !

    BattleBelgium media

    in the news:
    VTM 13h

    VTM 19h

    TVL news

    Results BattleBelgium 2009

    Here are the results of the BattleBelgium competition

    Freestyle Battle Men
    1 Cheremetieff Igor (Fra)
    2 Le Xuan (Fra)
    3 Ferrari Tiziano (Ita)
    4 Op't Veld Rudy (Ger)

    Freestyle Battle Women
    1 Seyres Chloe (Fra)
    2 Bossi Barbara (Ita)
    3 McIntosh Megan (USA)
    4 Denissen Vicky (Bel)

    Speed Slalom Men
    1 Piacentini Davide (Ita)
    2 Ferrari Tiziano (Ita)
    3 Milleret JB (UK)
    4 Laffargue Sebastien (Fra)

    Speed Slalom Women
    1 Seyres Chloe (Fra)
    2 Bossi Barbara (Ita)
    3 Kwasny Miriam (Ger)
    4 Bugalska Renata (Pol)

    High Jump
    1 Laffargue Sebastien (Fra)
    2 Milleret JB (UK)
    3 Schraepen Tim (Bel)
    4 Ferrari Tiziano (Ita)

    Complete ranking here: http://www.worldslalomseries.com/events/world-slalom-series/battle-belgi...

    Battle Moscow - European Slalom Championship - 20-22 March 2009

    So last weekend was the European Slalom Championship, hosted by RollerClub.ru in Moscow. What follows is a report of how the "weekend" went along.

    ConeCrazy in the ePapers

    Last saturday, a reporter for the online version of newspaper "Het Belang van Limburg", paid us a little visit during our practice session in sportshall 't Demerstrand in Diepenbeek.
    For our dutch readers, you can read the article over here.
    He also posted a video to youtube, which is viewable below.

    This is some great publicity we got, now let's hope more skaters will find the courage to come to one of our sessions :)

    Happy Holidays

    To everyone and all, a merry Christmas and a happy newyear.

    - The ConeCrazy crew -

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