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  • Battle Belgium - 17-18-19 July 2009

    Klik hier voor de nederlandse pagina.

    An International Freestyle Slalom competition. This competition will be part of the World Slalom Series 2009.
    Disciplines: Freestyle Slalom, SpeedSlalom, FreeJump.
    Visitors get in for FREE to watch the show!

    July 17, 18 and 19, 2009.


    Battle Belgium - 17-18-19 July 2009

    We (ConeCrazy) have been working on this for some months now and we can finally announce that Battle Belgium 2009 will be held at the Grenslandhallen (indoors) in Hasselt, on July 17, 18 and 19, 2009.

    Battle Belgium will be an international Freestyle Slalom competition. We'll have competitions in Speed Slalom, Style Slalom and the FreeJump disciplines.
    For the Style Slalom we chose the Battle format.

    Watch this site and the forum for further updates, and in the mean time: tell all your friends and keep 17-18-19/07/2009 open in your agendas.

    Pictures of Jill's Roller Disco Party - 17th October - St-Niklaas

    The pictures of last night's Roller Disco at the NewPact skatepark in Sint Niklaas are in the Gallery.
    But here's an easier link.
    Or directly to Picasa, click here.

    Jill's Roller Disco Party - 17th October - St-Niklaas

    Everybody pay attention to the following announcement:
    There will be a "true" RollerDisco party in St-Niklaas (near Ghent) on the 19th of October.

    All info can be found on the events MySpace-page.
    Let's be there "en masse"!

    October 17th 2008
    Skatepark Newpact, Lindenstraat, Sint-Niklaas

    We're bringing the eighties back to the dancefloor with a rockin' roller disco party. Think short shorts, rollerblades in all colours of the rainbow, blue mascara, leg warmers and hits from the old days like Bronski Beat. We'll have some mirror balls and disco lights, bright neon and videoclips from the eighties played by our very own DJ Jean De Gand (and he promised he'd let his moustache grow for the occasion!). DJ's Vol de Nuit will play you songs you had totally forgotten about and DJ'ettes Blanche Neige add some fuel to the fire with saucy hits to scream to. You bet we'll play La Isla Bonita, honey.

    We found a skatepark in Sint-Niklaas, halfway between Ghent and Antwerp. A perfect floor to dance and skate on, and we'll build ourselves a real roller rink with a couple of fences. We'll have quad rollerskates for rent, we'll have a demonstration from a bunch of Majorettes on Wheels from Rollerschool Brasschaat (think orange uniforms and leggy ladies!) and of course there will be a roller skate contest with a crown for the prom king and queen. Think of the dance contest in Pulp Fiction where Mia Wallace and Vince Vega show their best moves ever, add some slippery roller skates to the recipe and you've got a pretty good idea of where this is leading. No worries, we've got a first aid kid to cure all your cuts and bruises and our Cotton Candy Girl will be happy to pamper you with some pink sweetness.

    So why am I organising all of this? Because apparently, no one else is, and I've always wanted to throw an eighties party. Not the kind of disco where everyone wears hideous wigs, but an eighties party to celebrate the decadance of colours that don't match and music with crazy synths.

    How to get there
    It's a ten minute stroll from the train station. Check it out on Google Maps so you won't get lost.

    Sessions in Diepenbeek

    Hello everybody

    This small post to let everyone know that we're starting our sessions in the Demerstrand in Diepenbeek again.
    It doesn't matter if you're a beginner or a pro, all slalom enthusiasts are welcome.
    If you want to join us sometime, pay attention to the Sessions forum a lot (or simply click the Notify button explained here, and you'll be mailed whenever a new "Sessions" topic is posted).

    We'll "start off the season" this saturday from 13h-15h.

    More info can be found in our forum, particularly over here.

    Hope to see you all over there!


    They have arrived.
    Behold our models Stijn & Evy wearing theirs

    Inline Games Hannover 2008

    I've made a "little" write-up of my weekend in Hannover over on my blog.
    It contains a video of the Team Battle Final (MUST SEE!) and lots of pictures.
    Read it over here.

    Conecrazy promo at Kaperconcerten Hasselt

    Last night we went to the Kaperconcerten in Hasselt.
    There's always a lot of people going to these festivities in the "Kapermolen park" of Hasselt, and yesterday was no different.

    We got a lot of positive comments on our skating, and some people asking where to take lessons and stuff...
    The weather was great. Maybe a little too hot, but still better than rain and stormy weather :)
    The atmosphere was really cool as well.
    But don't just take my word for it, check for yourself next thursday. We'll be there as well.
    Oh... and bring your skates :)

    Pictures after the break (click on Read More)

    Naomi Grigg Workshop in Hasselt: aftermath

    It's been a couple of weeks now since Naomi came over, and I've only now found some time to post photo's.

    So without further ado...

    Some more pictures:
    Godelieve's pictures
    Tim's pictures
    Marleen's pictures

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