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  • Naomi Grigg Workshop in Hasselt

    Here's the Schedule of next weekend's workshop by Naomi Grigg:
    10:00 : Start of "beginners" group of slalom workshop in Grenslandhallen Hasselt.
    13:00 : Lunch (to be decided on the spot)
    14:00-15:00 : Start of "advanced" group of slalom workshop
    17:00-18:00 : End of the workshop for the day, and dinner in a restaurant in Hasselt. (Reservations needed!)

    Sunday (note the switch of groups)
    9:00 : Start of "advanced" group of slalom workshop in Grenslandhallen Hasselt.
    12:00 : End of morning workshop and lunch in Fitlink Diepenbeek (they've got snacks & stuff)
    13:00 : Start of "beginners" group of slalom workshop in Fitlink Diepenbeek.
    16:00-17:00 : End of the workshop

    Who's going to the restaurant:
    * Sch3lp
    * Vickster (not sure, but most probably will)
    * Naomi
    * Ragnhild
    * Carmen
    * Marleen (not sure, but most probably will)
    * Tim & Jessy
    * Nancy & Jurgen
    * Isabelle & Michael (not sure, but most probably will)
    * Carl & Xavier (not sure, but most probably will)

    Post whether or not you'll be joining us for dinner in the forum topic.

    Coast-Slalom Weekend in Knokke

    Last weekend we went to Knokke-Heist for a weekend filled with Freestyle Slalom.
    We were staying over at Camping Zilvermeeuw, the camping-site where Jurgen&Nancy spend a lot of time.
    From the camping-site to the slalom-spot was about 6km's alongside the shore.
    We had lots of fun, good times, freestyle slalom hours, SUN (damn the sunburn!), AND an eventful and cosy barbecue evening.

    This was an unforgettable weekend and I really hope we can do it all over again some time.
    Thanks again, to everybody who was there.

    Pictures after the break (click on "Read More")

    Tofsportdag Leuven

    Just a heads up that next week, we're doing a demonstration + initiation at the Tofsportdag in Leuven.
    The Jan Stasstraat will be at our disposal for putting down our cones and showing the locals what we're bringing.

    Here's the forum-topic about the event.

    Hope to see you all there!

    This event is sponsored by MixFM, the local radio station of Leuven.

    Lommel Inline lessons are over

    So recently we gave our 10th lesson to our Lommel-Inline students, and we had them sort of work out their own "run" to show us.
    That way they're making their own transitions and figuring out there's still more after learning the basic tricks.
    Of course we just HAD to make some video's from that final lesson and our students. (because we're so damn proud of them)

    Pictures and movies after the jump (click on Read more)

    IFSA Belgium 2008 - 30/05 - 01/06

    Well it's been a week now since the IFSA competition in Brussels has come to an end.

    Here are the results:
    Freestyle Men
    1. Vincent "VinZ" Vu Van Kha (FR)
    2. Robin Tessier (FR)
    3. Yohann Fort (FR)
    4. Luca Ulivieri (ITA)
    5. Christophe Flinois (FR)
    6. Guillaume "Skali" Barbaz (FR)
    18. Tim "Sch3lp" Schraepen (BE)
    19. Martin "r4z0n" Wiegersma (NL)

    Freestyle Women
    1. Caroline "Clochette" Lejeune (FR)
    2. Sarah Veronese (ITA)
    3. Christina Rotunno (ITA)

    Jurgen & Nancy's pics: http://juleskrapuul.spaces.live.com/photos/cns!8F8E21335BD3A9BC!557/
    Stijn's pics: http://picasaweb.google.com/gstijn/IFSACompetitionBrussels/photo#s520735...
    Evy's pics: http://picasaweb.google.com/evy.september/IFSACompetitionBrussels/photo#...
    Martin & Jerry's pics: http://www.flickr.com/photos/jerreper
    Sch3lp's pics: http://picasaweb.google.com/sch3lp/IFSA2008Brussels
    Vinz's pics: http://vincent.vuvankha.free.fr/english/StoryBoard/2008/Bruxelles/Bruxel...
    Clochett's pics: http://www.clochette.biz/index.php?mact=Album,m4,default,1&m4albumid=19&...

    Movies after the jump (click on Read more)

    IFSA Belgium 2008 - 30/05 - 01/06 - UPDATE

    Place to be:
    Indoors: Patinoire POSEIDON 4
    Avenue des vaillants 1200 Bruxelles

    Information on Hotels on these websites :
    http://www.reservations.bookhostels.com/sleepwell.be (Center of Brussels)
    http://www.laj.be/html/en/reservation/listyh.htm (Center of Brussels)
    http://www.chab.be/booking.asp?l=en (Center of Brussels)
    All the info + schedule is on the IFSA website here:

    Schedule in short:

    9h30 Inscriptions

    10h00 Training SpeedSlalom - Women

    10h30 TimeTrials - W

    11h30 KO - W

    13h00 Training FreestyleSlalom - Men

    14h00 FreestyleSlalom - M

    16h30 FreeJump - W&M

    10h00 Training SpeedSlalom - M

    10h30 TimeTrials - M

    11h30 KO - M

    13h30 Training FreestyleSlalom - W

    14h00 FreestyleSlalom - W

    16h30 Results

    I can hardly wait !

    Belgian Inline Center : Meet'n'Greet mini-event - Follow-Up


    Jurgen's 10 minute video-compilation:


    More pictures & movies to be found in this thread on BelgianInlineCenter.be

    Belgian Inline Center : Meet'n'Greet mini-event

    After last years success, we're doing it all over again.
    This time in the "Gemeentehallen" in Ghent.

    All info can be found right here.

    Also, we'll be giving slalom workshops, so if you always wanted to learn how to move your legs like crazy, join the fun this sunday in Ghent.

    Lessons at Lommel Inline

    Starting today Tim and myself are going to have students from Lommel Inline.
    Based on the skill of the different students we'll try and learn them some slalom moves.
    Needless to say we are very excited, since this will be our first real freestyle slalom course we're teaching.

    After this one there are 9 sessions left. That means after those lessons, we'll have a bunch of new freestyle slalom adepts (and hopefully also addicts) in Belgium :)

    Wish us luck!

    MusicForLife 2007

    Today we were doing demonstrations in Hasselt, to collect some money for Music For Life, a charity organised by Studio Brussel, a popular radiostation.

    We were in Leuven, where they have a big glass house, in which 3 radioshow hosts are remaining from the 19th til the 24th without food.
    They continuously run the radiostation, and there are people on the radio that did something for MusicForLife and come to talk about their activity and how much they collected. So we decided to give it a shot as well, eventhough we knew the average waiting time was 2hours before you got a chance to say something on the radio.
    But there we were at around 18h, and after standing in line for about an hour, in the freezing cold (about -5°C), we could have a little chat with the host Peter van de Veire. We could share with him the good news that we collected €118 throughout the day.


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