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    Layout change

    So, as you might have noticed we've upgraded the site with a fresh new look and with a cooler logo.
    We've also made a couple of wallpapers in all kinds of flavors, especially for you :)
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    Slalom demo - Review

    Past saturday we had the opportunity to show our skills in a slalom demonstration on the SkateHappening in Bommershoven.
    I'm proud to say we showed off our tricks, people really enjoyed it, and there was applause... a lot, of applause.
    The synchronised run we had practiced was received pretty well too.

    Next time we're gonna have to watch the time more carefully though, because our first demonstration was set up to be 15 minutes, and we added another 15. :)

    Thank you to everyone who was demonstrating: Stijn, Evy, Marleen, Thomas, Tim and Jessy.
    Thanks to Lou for the organisation and the opportunity for the demonstration.
    And last, but not least, thanks to the crowd for the applause. It meant a lot.

    Marleen took some pictures, available for your viewing pleasure over here.
    And there were a bunch of photo's taken with Thomas' camera, I'm guessing they'll be online soon as well, along with a couple of video's.

    On a sidenote: there also was a small hockey tournament, which we won by beating the other 4 teams. Yay us! :)

    Slalom demo

    On saturday, the 8th of december, we're doing a 30 minute freestyle slalom demonstration at a skate event organized by "BSA" (Lou Cuppens).
    They also have a little amateur inline hockey tournament going on there, and a professional quad hockey demonstration (last year they were really spectacular to watch).
    The skate day starts with the events around 14h and ends with a sort of rollerdisco around 22h.
    Route description


    Please check upcoming sessions in the forum.

    You can also subscribe to the "Sessions" forum, this way you don't have to keep checking the forum or site, but get notified whenever a new topic is created. You do this by following these steps:

    • Register on the forum, or log in with your user and password
    • Go to the "Sessions" sub-forum
    • Click on the "Notify" button
    • Now you just have to press the "OK" button and you're done

    Next time someone posts a topic in this forum, you will get an e-mail sent to the address you filled in when you registered.

    BattleUK II: Attack of the Cones

    Tomorrow Thomas and myself are off to BattleUK II in Nottingham.
    So keep your fingers crossed!
    We're coming back on sunday, report and pictures will follow afterwards.

    IFSA Competitions 2008

    In the official aftermath report of the latest IFSA board meeting (25th october 2007), the competitions and where they will take place are listed.
    To my surprise, Brussels, is included in this list.
    This means we'll have an IFSA World Cup in Belgium in 2008!

    The entire list of cities where an IFSA World Cup will be organized:

    • France - Nice : World Cup 2008
    • Belgium - Bruxelles : World Cup 2008
    • Russia - Moscow : World Championship 2008
    • China : World Cup 2008
    • Spain - Barcelona : World Cup 2008
    • Italy - Milano : World Cup 2008 (not confirmed yet)
    • UK - London : World Cup 2008 (not confirmed yet)

    You can read all other information about the board meeting here.

    Review: Naomi Grigg's Clinic in Gent-Brugge

    In the weekend of 20-21 october, we went to a workshop by Naomi Grigg, organized by Rollerman.
    Since it had been a mere 2 weeks after we went to the previous Naomi Griggs workshop, she skipped the "introductory" speech and immediately got to the point...Learning new tricks.

    We were taught Total Foot, the Kim Sung Jin entry (and Cambell original), Moonwalk, Sweep, Lazy volte, Re-volte, Pendululm, and a heel-toe spin. All in the course of 2 days. It was hard work for sure, but definitely worth it though. All of these tricks will come in handy when we're in Nottingham, representing Belgium in BattleUK II: Attack of the Cones. At least now we can bring "some" competition to the other "soldiers".

    Among others our friends from "Le Bois de la Cambre" were there, along with our other friends from french-speaking Belgium, and it was delightful to see them again. Together with some dutch people (Ragnhild and Diederik), we shared some funny moments and learned from each other too. The atmosphere was very friendly, in contrary to the atmosphere in the belgian government at the moment... :s

    Once again, we were lucky enough to be part of a succesful Naomi workshop. So thanks to the organisation, the participants (you know who you are!), and of course Naomi herself :)

    Video material should be up whenever Thomas gets the time to edit it and upload it, in the meanwhile you can check out the pictures in our gallery. Also, here's a link to the photo's Carl took.

    Freestyle Skating Weekend by 4WheelFreestyle

    Today I got a private message in my mailbox from the guys over at 4WheelFreestyle.de, inviting "the belgians" to their Freestyle Skating Weekend.

    Date: 15 - 17 february 2008.
    Place: Münchengladbach, Germany

    All other info after the break.

    Naomi Grigg's Clinic in Gent-Brugge

    20/10/2007 - 00:00
    21/10/2007 - 21:00

    Naomi Grigg comes to Belgium !
    Price is €85 (or €75 if you're a VRB member) for a total of 6 hours of teaching (spread over 2 days).
    All the info can be found right here.

    Dwars door Hasselt

    14/10/2007 - 11:00
    14/10/2007 - 18:00

    Dwars door Hasselt is actually a runner's event, but each year there's also a rollerparade that accompanies it.
    This year's no different. The skaters tour starts at 11:00, and it's about 15km.
    ConeCrazy will be there to entertain people (passers-by and skaters) with a Slalom Session.
    If you are joining the skaters tour, chances are high you'll notice us.
    Feel free to join in with slalom!

    Link to the post in the forum

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