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  • Naomi Grigg's Clinic in Groningen

    Last weekend we went to a Freestyle Slalom clinic, given by the one and only Naomi Grigg.
    We learned quite a few new tricks, and also had some guidance in style.
    Too bad it didn't last longer than 2 days, I really didn't want to go home.
    We made some new friends, and got to see old friends again.

    For me, personally, it was the first time I met Naomi. And I have to say, eventhough I heard a lot about her and watched her videos on the internet many many times, meeting her in person is different. She has this really familiar vibe to her that is hard to explain. Suffice to say that she is, in fact, a really cool person, and really good at teaching as well.

    The pictures I took can be found in our gallery.
    Here are some pictures that Marleen took.
    And here are some pictures of Arnold and Jurgen.
    Thomas also recorded a bunch of video's, maybe he'll put some of that stuff online as well.

    There is another workshop in 2 weeks, in Belgium this time, so it's kind of hard for us NOT to join that one as well :)
    Looking forward already.
    You can find more info about this workshop here.

    QuadSk8 - Rollerdisco

    Yesterday we went to the Rollerdisco organized by QuadSk8 and man, was it FUN !!
    The photo's are proof of that last statement.
    Check 'em out here.
    A few movies should be up soon as well.

    RSC Heverlee - Slalom

    12/09/2007 - 18:00
    12/09/2007 - 19:00

    Allereerste slalomles de sporthal van Heverlee
    Geinteresseerden zijn altijd welkom tussen 6 en 7

    Sporthal Heverlee
    Hertogstraat 180
    3001 Heverlee

    Tot dan!

    Quadsk8 - Rollerdisco

    14/09/2007 - 19:30
    15/09/2007 - 00:00

    QUADSK8 in HAL4

    Niet gesport tijdens de zomer en te weinig kunnen genieten van de zon ? Die schade kan vrijdag 14 september in HAL4 worden ingehaald, want het wordt weer volop rollen, funken, grooven en genieten van de muziek en alle Funky Skaters.

    Om 19.30 begint de Rollerjam Class waarna we tot in de kleine uurtjes los gaan op de sounds van de Quadsk8's Gangsters of Groove.

    Be there or be forgotten!!


    Hello and welcome to the website of the Belgian Freestyle Slalom club ConeCrazy.

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