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  • clinic

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    Freestyle Lessenreeks @ All-inline

    Megan and Tim are doing another course at All-Inline:

    Naomi Grigg Workshop in Hasselt

    Here's the Schedule of next weekend's workshop by Naomi Grigg:
    10:00 : Start of "beginners" group of slalom workshop in Grenslandhallen Hasselt.
    13:00 : Lunch (to be decided on the spot)
    14:00-15:00 : Start of "advanced" group of slalom workshop
    17:00-18:00 : End of the workshop for the day, and dinner in a restaurant in Hasselt. (Reservations needed!)

    Sunday (note the switch of groups)
    9:00 : Start of "advanced" group of slalom workshop in Grenslandhallen Hasselt.
    12:00 : End of morning workshop and lunch in Fitlink Diepenbeek (they've got snacks & stuff)
    13:00 : Start of "beginners" group of slalom workshop in Fitlink Diepenbeek.
    16:00-17:00 : End of the workshop

    Who's going to the restaurant:
    * Sch3lp
    * Vickster (not sure, but most probably will)
    * Naomi
    * Ragnhild
    * Carmen
    * Marleen (not sure, but most probably will)
    * Tim & Jessy
    * Nancy & Jurgen
    * Isabelle & Michael (not sure, but most probably will)
    * Carl & Xavier (not sure, but most probably will)

    Post whether or not you'll be joining us for dinner in the forum topic.

    Review: Naomi Grigg's Clinic in Gent-Brugge

    In the weekend of 20-21 october, we went to a workshop by Naomi Grigg, organized by Rollerman.
    Since it had been a mere 2 weeks after we went to the previous Naomi Griggs workshop, she skipped the "introductory" speech and immediately got to the point...Learning new tricks.

    We were taught Total Foot, the Kim Sung Jin entry (and Cambell original), Moonwalk, Sweep, Lazy volte, Re-volte, Pendululm, and a heel-toe spin. All in the course of 2 days. It was hard work for sure, but definitely worth it though. All of these tricks will come in handy when we're in Nottingham, representing Belgium in BattleUK II: Attack of the Cones. At least now we can bring "some" competition to the other "soldiers".

    Among others our friends from "Le Bois de la Cambre" were there, along with our other friends from french-speaking Belgium, and it was delightful to see them again. Together with some dutch people (Ragnhild and Diederik), we shared some funny moments and learned from each other too. The atmosphere was very friendly, in contrary to the atmosphere in the belgian government at the moment... :s

    Once again, we were lucky enough to be part of a succesful Naomi workshop. So thanks to the organisation, the participants (you know who you are!), and of course Naomi herself :)

    Video material should be up whenever Thomas gets the time to edit it and upload it, in the meanwhile you can check out the pictures in our gallery. Also, here's a link to the photo's Carl took.

    Naomi Grigg's Clinic in Groningen

    Last weekend we went to a Freestyle Slalom clinic, given by the one and only Naomi Grigg.
    We learned quite a few new tricks, and also had some guidance in style.
    Too bad it didn't last longer than 2 days, I really didn't want to go home.
    We made some new friends, and got to see old friends again.

    For me, personally, it was the first time I met Naomi. And I have to say, eventhough I heard a lot about her and watched her videos on the internet many many times, meeting her in person is different. She has this really familiar vibe to her that is hard to explain. Suffice to say that she is, in fact, a really cool person, and really good at teaching as well.

    The pictures I took can be found in our gallery.
    Here are some pictures that Marleen took.
    And here are some pictures of Arnold and Jurgen.
    Thomas also recorded a bunch of video's, maybe he'll put some of that stuff online as well.

    There is another workshop in 2 weeks, in Belgium this time, so it's kind of hard for us NOT to join that one as well :)
    Looking forward already.
    You can find more info about this workshop here.

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