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  • freestyle slalom

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    Freestyle Lessenreeks @ All-inline

    Megan and Tim are doing another course at All-Inline:

    Sessions in Diepenbeek

    Hello everybody

    This small post to let everyone know that we're starting our sessions in the Demerstrand in Diepenbeek again.
    It doesn't matter if you're a beginner or a pro, all slalom enthusiasts are welcome.
    If you want to join us sometime, pay attention to the Sessions forum a lot (or simply click the Notify button explained here, and you'll be mailed whenever a new "Sessions" topic is posted).

    We'll "start off the season" this saturday from 13h-15h.

    More info can be found in our forum, particularly over here.

    Hope to see you all over there!

    Inline Games Hannover 2008

    I've made a "little" write-up of my weekend in Hannover over on my blog.
    It contains a video of the Team Battle Final (MUST SEE!) and lots of pictures.
    Read it over here.

    MusicForLife 2007

    Today we were doing demonstrations in Hasselt, to collect some money for Music For Life, a charity organised by Studio Brussel, a popular radiostation.

    We were in Leuven, where they have a big glass house, in which 3 radioshow hosts are remaining from the 19th til the 24th without food.
    They continuously run the radiostation, and there are people on the radio that did something for MusicForLife and come to talk about their activity and how much they collected. So we decided to give it a shot as well, eventhough we knew the average waiting time was 2hours before you got a chance to say something on the radio.
    But there we were at around 18h, and after standing in line for about an hour, in the freezing cold (about -5°C), we could have a little chat with the host Peter van de Veire. We could share with him the good news that we collected €118 throughout the day.


    Slalom demo

    On saturday, the 8th of december, we're doing a 30 minute freestyle slalom demonstration at a skate event organized by "BSA" (Lou Cuppens).
    They also have a little amateur inline hockey tournament going on there, and a professional quad hockey demonstration (last year they were really spectacular to watch).
    The skate day starts with the events around 14h and ends with a sort of rollerdisco around 22h.
    Route description

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